Alacazar is a supporting character who will appear in the animated series, Elena of Avalor. He is the Royal Sorcerer of Avalor.


Sofia the First

Alacazar appears in the special, Elena and the Secret of Avalor. Forty-one years before the special, the evil sorceress Shuriki attacked the Kingdom of Avalor and killed the King and Queen. Alacazar cast a spell to protect the remaining members of the Royal Family by placing them inside an Enchanted Painting. To buy Alacazar time, Crown Princess Elena of Avalor faced Shuriki on her own. Shuriki tried to strike Elena down, but the Amulet of Avalor saved her life at the cost of her freedom by pulling her into it. Alacazar found the Amulet and spirited it away while Avalor fell under Shuriki's control. Knowing Elena was the only one who could defeat Shuriki, Alacazar set out to find a way to free her. The Amulet eventually left his possession and ended up in the hands of Princess Sofia of Enchancia, who set out to free Elena and defeat Shuriki. Alacazar likely gave the Amulet to Goodwyn the Great, who gave it to Roland II's mother, who passed it onto Tilly. When Sofia is summoned to the Secret Library by the Amulet, Alacazar reveals himself to Sofia, having turned into a storybook of Elena's history with the last of his magic, and tasks Sofia with finding Zuzo, his chanul, and wishing her good luck.

Elena of Avalor

Alacazar appears in the show that serves as the special's sequel. His grandson, Mateo, succeeds him as Royal Wizard of Avalor under Elena's reign as Crown Princess, and manages to defeat Alacazar's arch-enemy, the malvago wizard Fiero, as well.

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Alacazar is later mentioned in the episode, The Jewel Of Maru, as Mateo is looking for a tamberitia to place on Alacazar's altar during the Dia de los Muertos celebration, showing that he believes his grandfather to be deceased, unaware that he lives on in the storybook kept at the Secret Library in Enchancia that Princess Sofia is in charge of.


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