Zefer is a Jaquin who will appear in the animated series Elena of Avalor. He is the leader of the Avalor Jaquins.

Role in the Series

Zephyr first appears in "Flight of the Jaquins" when Migs, Luna and Skylar arrive with Princess Elena. Zephyr expresses annoyance with the three Jaquins for being late and joy for seeing Elena again. He tells Elena and Avalor's Jaquin Clan that, for centuries, they have been the Guardians of Avalor and protected the Kingdom for the Dark Side of Enchantment such as sea monsters and Troyo. However, they couldn't stop Shuriki from taking over forty-one years before. When the time comes to pick a new Navegarra, he selects Skylar. The Clan protests but Elena defends Skylar. Elena's speech makes Zephyr stand by his choice.

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