Ciela is a female Jaquin who appeared in the episode "Flight of the Jaquins". She is one of Skylar's guardian trainees.

Role in the Series

Ciela appears in "Flight of the Jaquins" when she arrives from Vallestrella, the Jaquins' home realm, with Avion and Nico. When she meets Skylar, she recognizes him as the King of Vallestrella's son. On the way to Avalor City, they spot Pueblo De Oro, the home of the Noblins. After Skylar explains that the Noblins are magical shapeshifters who have the Golden Touch, Nico insists they go over to meet the Noblins. Upon arriving, Skylar and Nico instantly get distracted with playing with the Noblins to the annoyance of Ciela, who fears they will be late. Eventually Ciela decides to go to Avalor City on her own and takes Avion with her. They run into Troyo the magical coyote who she learns too late is an enemy of the Jaquins after he ensnares them in a trap. When Princess Elena, Migs, and Luna fall into the trap, she apologizes for going with a stranger and is relieved when Skylar and Nico free them.

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