The Kingdom of Cordoba is a neighbour land to Avalor, currently ruled by King Juan Ramón.

It has only appeared in "Prince Too Charming" and not much is known about it, but we can assume that due to the name of the Kingdom, the tango danced in "Feel Free to Have Fun" and the clothing of Prince Alonso it may be based on the argentinian Culture.


Cordoba has a colorful history that is depicted in the palace in tapestries. The tapestries depict important moments in Cordoba's history, as well as some famous legends. One of the most famous legends is of the Yacalli. Legend says that he scares off people who wander into his territory, when he is really protecting the Buhitos. The buhitos have a sanctuary in a meadow next to the San Prado River, thanks to Princess Elena and Gabe. This river also borders Avalor.

Trivia Edit

  • Buhitos are only found in Cordoba.
  • The kingdom is based off of Argentina, based on Prince Alonso's clothing and the tango behind dance.
  • The palace is called the Palacio Rosado.
  • There is also a city in Spain and Argentina named Córdoba.

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