Elena story time guitar

The Elena storytime guitar. Is a toy for dual purpose both use as a toy and a real guitar. In the toy mode It plays 3 songs. See the three songs down below for names

There's a mode also where you can play the songs. But only instrumental. You need triple A batteries for this toy to work. There are 3 modes. 1st the trial mode in trial mode. Your only going to play the guitar. But i think only once. Next is off mode. Then on mode. Where you get unlimited plays.

Real instrument

Like i said earlier this guitar can also be a real instrument. If you know how to play guitar. The set includes a free pick. You can also pretend. If you don't know.


Well I recommend this to kids who knows how to play a guitar. But there too short for them to play the guitar. They can play the guitar mode. Like strumming a real one. It even has real ones

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