"Feel Free to Have Fun" is a song from the Elena of Avalor episode, "Prince Too Charming". It is sung by Prince Alonso, who tries to convince Elena to feel free to have fun, even on a busy day.


Alonso: You and I will only be young once
Let's not act like we're already old
Working hard is so terribly tiring
Let's put all of those worries on hold

If you take a good look all around you
There's a kingdom for us to explore
You'll see sights which will surely astound you
Starting with the guy giving the tour

So take my hand
Come and dance cross the land
Spend a day in the sun
For your sake
You must take a small break
And feel free to have fun

(Instrumental Bridge)

It is so very tough for a Royal
Oh, I know just what you're going through
Let me save you from all of that toil
A day off must be way overdue

Elena: I'll take your hand and we'll dance cross the land
Spend a day in the sun.
Alonso: For your sake, you can take a short break
Both: And feel free to have fun

Elena: A little tour
Alonso: See the shore and much more
Elena: Spend a day in the sun
Alonso: Such a day in the sun
Stay awhile and we'll step out in sun
Both: Feeling free to have fun

Alonso: Feel free to have fun
Elena: I feel free
Alonso: Feel free
Both: To have fun!

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