Fiero is an evil wizard who appears in the animated series, Elena of Avalor.


In Spellbound he turned everyone to stone. When Mateo, Gabe, Elena and Naomi. Found the Codex Maru. Fiero was asking for it. Mateo gave it to him. For lying that he'll leave. After giving the book. Fiero and Mateo battled. Fiero was defeated by Mateo. Mateo defeated him. By turning him into a statue. At the end Mateo changed everyone from a statue back to normal. By asking Gabe to throw the potion. In the center of the room. Then sprinkling it on everyone.

His story

Long ago Fiero was supposed to be the next royal wizard. However the king appointed Alacazar instead. Making Fiero angry. Fiero became an evil wizard. Looking for revenge.


  • Fiero's voice actor, Héctor Elizondo, is best known for his role as Joe in The Princess Diaries films.


The image gallery for Fiero may be viewed here.

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