Fiero is an evil wizard who appears in the animated series, Elena of Avalor.


In Spellbound he shows up at Mateo's royal wizard coronation, having gained access by magically adding his name to the guest list when Gabe was distracted and claiming to be a friend of Mateo's grandfather Alacazar. In truth, the two were sworn enemies, and Fiero seeks to gain a book called the Codex Maru in order to become the most powerful wizard in the world. Luckily, Alacazar hid the Codex Maru deep in the palace, leaving behind a series of riddles.

He turns the guests (excluding Mateo, Gabe, Princess Elena and Naomi Turner) to stone, and the group needed to find the Codex Maru and brew a potion to reverse the process, as the spell would be permanent by sunrise. Fiero followed the group from behind to avoid solving the riddles. Eventually he cornered them once they found the book and brewed the potion, and promised to leave if they gave it to him. They surrendered the book, and he turns Gabe and Naomi into stone, losing the potion to them.

Naomi and Gabe are restored, and Mateo confronted Fiero in the royal garden. Luckily, Mateo was faster and cast the same spell as him, turning the wizard to stone. Mateo manages to turn everyone in the castle back to normal, while Fiero is possibly stuck as a statue forever due to the spell's effects being permanent after sunrise.


Long ago Fiero was supposed to be the next royal wizard. However, the king appointed Alacazar instead, making Fiero angry. Fiero became an evil wizard looking for revenge.


  • Fiero's voice actor, Héctor Elizondo, is best known for his role as Joe in The Princess Diaries films.


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