It reminds me of a story.
~ Francisco

Francisco[1] Flores[2] is a major character in the animated series, Elena of Avalor. He is Princess Elena and Princess Isabel's maternal grandfather. They and Esteban usually refer to him as Abuelo.

Personality and Traits

Francisco is a sagacious man who loves his family and who has firm respect for the by-laws and traditions of the Kingdom of Avalor. He also has a penchant for storytelling as noted by his wife when she tells Elena that he's always reminded of a story. He also knows the Scepter of Light as shown when he says to Luisa "It's never glowed like that before." As revealed in "Model Sister", Francisco believes in placing the Royal Duties before all else. He also values making a good impression during a Royal Visit.


Sofia the First

Francisco makes his chronological debut in the crossover special Elena and the Secret of Avalor. When the evil sorceress Shuriki attacked the Kingdom of Avalor and killed his daughter and son-in-law, Alacazar, the Royal Sorcerer, decided to keep the remaining members of the Royal Family safe by casting a spell to place him, his wife Luisa, and his younger granddaughter, Princess Isabel, inside an Enchanted Painting while his eldest granddaughter, Crown Princess Elena, faced Shuriki alone to buy him time. Elena and Alakazar succeeded and the three of them were placed inside the painting where they would remain for forty-one years while Elena was trapped in the Amulet of Avalor when Shuriki tried to strike her down. After Elena was freed from the Amulet, Mateo let the rest of her family out. When the royals were getting on Jaquins, Francisco asked, "Since when do people ride Jaquins?". After Elena and Sofia witnessed Shuriki falling over the waterfall, Francisco could tell that both princesses were upset by this, and he told Elena that Shuriki is gone and they've won the fight, reclaiming their home from Shuriki at long last.

Elena of Avalor

In the series that serves as the special's sequel, Francisco appears as a major character. He is member of Grand Council of Avalor, alongside LuisaNaomi, and Esteban, chosen by his granddaughter for his wisdom. Through the course of the show, Francisco assists Elena in her journey to becoming Queen and is always there to give her friendly advice when she needs it.

In "Spellbound", Francisco attends the ceremony to see Mateo succeed his grandfather as Royal Wizard of Avalor, only to soon be turned to stone by Alacazar's arch-enemy, the malvago wizard Fiero, who returned looking for the Codex Maru. Thanks to Elena and Mateo, Fiero is turned to stone by his own reflected spell, while Mateo is able to make the counter-spell from the information in the Codex and return Francisco and everyone else to normal before the spell became permanent at sunrise.

In "My Fair Naomi", it appears as if Francisco might have a bit of a memory problem as Luisa gets on his case regarding her own Quinceanera when they were younger as, during Naomi's birthday party, when she directs her words in his direction, he cowers in nervousness at thinking he forgot about it.

In the special "Realm of the Jaquins", Francisco and Luisa congratulate Elena for having been able to rule as Crown Princess successfully for one year, leaving only another three before she comes of age to become Queen. He sees her off as she departs on Luna to go watch the Guardian Test that Skylar's younger brother Nico is taking under the supervision of Chief Zephyr, Migs, and Mateo. Francisco and Esteban attempt to fight off the forest spirit Marimonda as she attempts to take over the Avalor Royal Palace after being warned in advance of her approach by the Jaquins under Zephyr, but are subdued by her plant growth that neither they or the Royal Guards under Gabe can hack through with their swords. However, Elena manages to trick Marimonda and imprison her again in an urn that she takes back to Quita Moz to ensure Marimonda does not escape again in Vallaestrella. Francisco also learns, alongside Luisa, that Marimonda's attack was caused by Victor Delgado and his daughter Carla who, unknown to Elena and her family, are working with Shuriki to help her take revenge on them for their previous defeats regarding reclaiming Avalor from Shuriki and preventing the theft of the Crown Jewels by the Delgados.


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  1. his wife says "we have to help them Francisco" to him in King of the Carnaval
  2. Victor Delgado calls him "Senor Flores" in King of the Carnaval
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