It's my job to protect you.
―Gabe to Elena

Lieutenant Gabriel "Gabe" Núñez is a character who appears in the animated series, Elena of Avalor. He is Elena's friend and rising star of the Royal Guard. Also a royal guard of Elena.


Gabe is very enthusiastic when it comes to his duties as a Royal Guard. Because of this, he does not like Elena's "take charge" approach mostly for the sake of his job.

Role in the Series

Gabe makes his debut in "First Day of Rule", when Elena leaves Avalor Castle to visit the city. He formally introduces himself to her when she gets out of the carriage. When Princess Isabel wants to stay behind to draw the boats some more, Elena tells Gabe to watch her. Gabe is asking Isabel what it was like when her sister faced Shuriki when Isabel spots some purple dogs boarding a ship. When the pair investigate, the dogs are revealed to be Noblins who take them prisoner. When Elena appears and frees them, Gabe tells her to take her sister and go but Elena refuses. Elena talks to the Noblins and learns that they were taking the ships to get home after Shuriki imprisoned them.

Gabe is mostly seen throughout the series accompanying Elena wherever she goes. In "Prince Too Charming" he learned that Elena's leadership style made her much nicer and more responsible in comparison to someone like Alonso. Prince Alonso made Gabe carry all the luggage and had him ride wherever he and Elena went on Pedro, an aged horse well past it's prime that Gabe termed "The Slowest Horse in the Kingdom." This treatment annoyed and angered Gabe to no end and eventually went with Elena when she commandeered Alonso's chariot and forced the insensitive Prince to ride Pedro to get back at him. When King Juan Ramón had Alonso help build the bridge he observed with vindictive enjoyment.

He makes his next biggest appearance in "Olaball" where he tries his best to make his father proud by playing olaball. When he does terrible he tells Elena that he was trying to be like his father. She soon tells him to play his own way. At first he keeps following what his dad has been saying but soon starts playing his own way and wins the cup. He also proves to his father that he is a great royal guard by saving Princess Isabel's and Princess Cat's life. This soon makes his father and his bond stronger.


The image gallery for Gabe may be viewed here.


  • Olaball is going to be the first Gabe-centered episode.
  • Gabe's age gap from Elena and Mateo is two years.

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