Jaquins are magical flying creatures that appear in the Elena of Avalor. They are a cross between a jaguar and a macaw, and are known as the guardians of Avalor sworn to protect the kingdom from the dark forces that would threaten it.



Jaquins are known to be very friendly towards humans, as well speak English dialogue. Jaquins make their homes in high mountains, and much like birds they sleep in nests. During Shuriki's invasion, they were reluctant to trust foreigners such as Sofia until Elena was restored to power. They also have an omnivorous diet, and are shown eating various food items like meat and even fruits like mangoes.

Physical Appearance

The Jaquins are a cross between a jaguar and a macaw. Aide from their wings, they have feathers on the back of their legs and on the end of their tails.


  • As the guardians of Avalor the Jaquins are symbolized on the kingdom's flag.
  • It was shown in Elena and the Secret of Avalor that Jaquins are omnivorous. This may be a blend of the real diets of the two species they are based on, the jaguar which is a carnivore and the macaw which is a herbivore.