The list of episodes in Elena of Avalor have yet to be confirmed. The show's debut was on July 22, 2016.

Series overview

Season Episodes Original airing (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 TBA July 22, 2016 TBA

Season 1

No. No. Title Air date Prod. code
1 1 "First Day of Rule" July 22, 2016 101
With the defeat of Shuriki and restoration of Avalor, Elena is eager to prove to her grandparents and cousin Esteban that she is capable of ruling as queen. Her first challenge involves finding stolen ships and rescuing Isabel and Gabe from magical shape shifters called Noblins.
2 2 "Model Sister" July 22, 2016 102
Elena attempts to balance her duties as Crown Princess and devotion to her family when a visiting emperor arrives at the same time her sister Isabel needs her help with a project for the annual Inventor's Fair.
3 3 "All Heated Up" July 29, 2016 103
A rock monster named Charoca that appears in a nearby village causes problems with his explosive temper triggering volcanic activity. Elena is put at odds with the Grand Council when they vote to remove him while she desires to hear him out.
4 4 "Island of Youth" August 12, 2016 104
While the castle is preparing a surprise party for Esteban, Elena and Mateo take him sailing to an island where the Fountain of Youth is located. Elena and Mateo must save Esteban when he drinks too much water and becomes younger.
5 5 "Spellbound" August 26, 2016 105
On the night Elena decides to appoint Mateo as Royal Wizard of Avalor, an evil wizard turns her family to stone. Mateo must put his skills to the test to stop the wizard and save Elena's family.
6 6 "Prince Too Charming" September 16, 2016 106
While on an official visit to the Kingdom of Cordoba, Prince Alonso convinces Elena to briefly set aside her royal duties. Meanwhile, the Yacalli, a gigantic wooden totem creature based on a Mayan legend, awakens.
7 7 "Finders Leapers" September 23, 2016 107
During an archaeological dig, Esteban accidentally releases a mischievous duende, a magical elf-like creature based on Latino folklore, who sets out on a mission to unleash hundreds of other duendes on Avalor.
8 8 "Royal Retreat" September 30, 2016 108
Elena attends her first Royal Retreat as Crown Princess and learns that it is more important to do what is right than to fit in after a clashing disagreement with one of her fellow rulers.
9 9 "A Day to Remember" October 16, 2016 109
On Dia de los Muertos, Elena discovers her ability to see ghosts and sets out to help the spirit of a woman mend the rift between her grandchildren and save the family restaurant.
10 10 "The Scepter of Light" November 4, 2016 110
When a moth fairy tries to bring “the gift of eternal darkness” to Avalor during a solar eclipse, Elena must learn how to control the magic in her royal scepter to save the kingdom.
11 11 "Navidad" December 9, 2016 111
Navidad has come to Avalor and Elena decides to bring the numerous communities within the kingdom together to share each other's holiday traditions, but Doña Paloma's schemes make things tense among everyone. In the midst of this competition, Elena must remind everyone of the true spirit of Navidad.
12 12 "Olaball" February 25, 2017 114
Elena helps coach Gabe when he joins Avalor’s royal "olaball" team despite being a terrible player.
13 13 "Flight of the Jaquins" March 4, 2017 115
Skylar is chosen to help train three young jaquins on defending the kingdom of Avalor.
14 14 "Crystal in the Rough" March 11, 2017 112
On Isabel’s first day of school, she tries changing herself in order to fit in on a field trip to the Crystal Caverns.
15 15 "The Princess Knight" March 18, 2017
Elena enters a fencing tournament disguised as "Knight Elezar" to prove that she is a great fencer.
16 16 "Captain Turner Returns" April 8, 2017
17 17 "King of the Carnaval" April 15, 2017

Season 2

No. No. Title Air date Prod. code
TBA TBA "Three Jaquins and a Princess" TBA 203

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