Luisa Flores[1] is a major character who appears in the animated series, Elena of Avalor. She is Princess Elena and Princess Isabel's maternal grandmother. They and Esteban usualy refer to her as Abuela.


Luisa is an optimist who, as Elena points out, always looks on the bright side of things. However, this is never to the point of being naive for she has a very sharp attention to details. She's also revealed to be an excellent cook and to have a dislike for being kept in the dark.


Sofia the First

Luisa makes her chronological appearance in the special, Elena and the Secret of Avalor. When the sorceress Shuriki attacked the Kingdom of Avalor and killed Luisa's daughter Queen Lucia and son-in-law King RaulAlakazar, the Royal Sorcerer, decided to keep the surviving members of the Royal Family safe by placing her, her husband Francisco, and her youngest granddaughter, Princess Isabel, inside an Enchanted Painting while her eldest granddaughter, Crown Princess Elena, faced Shuriki alone to buy him time. They succeeded and the three of them were placed inside the painting where they would remain for forty-one years while Elena herself is trapped inside the Amulet of Avalor after Shuriki tried to strike her down. After Elena is freed from the Amulet, Mateo gets her family out of the painting. Luisa asks what happened to Shuriki, and when Elena reveals that she's still in power, Luisa angrily regrets letting Alacazar put her, Isabel, and Francisco in the painting. As the royals get on Jaquins, Luisa tells Elena that she no longer wants to run away from Shuriki again, only for Elena to tell her that they're not running away. Everyone in Avalor faces Shuriki and witnesses her loss of power when Elena breaks her wand. Elena is nervous about becoming a ruler, and Luisa tells her that she and Francisco will help her out whenever she needs it.

Elena of Avalor

In the series that serves as the special's sequel, Luisa appears a major character. She is a member of the Grand Council, who was chosen by Elena for her optimism. Through the course of the show, Luisa, along with her husband, assists Elena in her journey to becoming Queen.

In "Spellbound", Luisa attends the ceremony that sees Mateo succeed his grandfather as Royal Wizard of Avalor, but is turned to stone by Alacazar's arch-enemy, the malvago wizard Fiero, as he searches for the Codex Maru, but thanks to Elena and Mateo, Fiero is turned to stone by his own rebounded spell, and Luisa is returned to normal by the counter-spell Mateo recovered from the Codex Maru before it became irreversible at sunrise.

In "My Fair Naomi", when Luisa sees how Naomi has driven away Elena, Mateo, and Gabe, thanks to Esteban trying to help make her birthday a royal one, fed up with Naomi's behavior, Luisa decides to teach her a lesson. During the party, Luisa reminds Naomi of what the quinceanera celebration is all about, convincing Naomi to make amends with Luisa's elder granddaughter and the others, before using the party to ensure Esteban can avoid humiliating himself in front of Dona Paloma and the other big ladies of Avalor by saying that it went wonderfully and Avalor will be talking about it for a long time.

In the special "Realm of the Jaquins", Francisco and Luisa congratulate Elena at having successfully ruled Avalor as Crown Princess for one year, meaning she only needs to rule another three before she comes of age to become Queen. Luisa sees her off as she departs on Luna to attend the Guardian Test that Skylar's younger brother Nico is taking to become a Guardian of Avalor alongside Migs, Luna, Skylar, and Chief Zephyr. Luisa is home at the Royal Palace when it is attacked by Marimonda, a forest spirit from the Jaquins' realm of Vallaestrella. However, she was warned in advance of Marimonda's attack by the Jaquins under Zephyr, protecting Isabel as Francisco, Esteban, and the Royal Guards under Gabe try to fight off her plant growth without much success. After Elena manages to imprison Marimonda again via an illusion she created with the Scepter of Light, she reveals that the ones responsible are Victor Delgado and his daughter, seeking revenge for their earlier defeat and exile by Elena and her family at the Carnaval. Unknown to Elena and her family, Victor and Carla are in league with Shuriki, who is seeking revenge on Elena for her previous defeat.


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  1. Victor Delgado calls her "Señora Flores" in King of the Carnaval


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