"Party of a Lifetime" is the twenty-third episode in Season 1 of Elena of Avalor. The episode premiered on August 25, 2017 and is considered as the season 1 finale.


Elena and her friends get stranded on a sailboat and are rescued by a mysterious ship.


At the Harbor, Armando shows Elena the new Royal Sailboat. Elena loves the boat and tells Armando to invite her best friends for an afternoon of sailing on it.  Armando sends out the invitations but makes the mistake of writing best friend instead of best friends. While Naomi is excited that there is a new Royal Sailboat, Gabe and Mateo take it as a sign that they are Elena's best friend. Gabe and Mateo arrive and are not happy to see each other. Noami shows up in her mom's captain's hat and has them set sail. Out to sea, Mateo and Gabe compete for Elena's affections by trying to upstage each other.  This culminates in Mateo causing the boat to go out of control with a spell that ends with the rudder getting damaged. Gabe tries to upstage Mateo by getting the rudder on board so Elena can repair it but he ends up losing it by trying to pull it on board before Naomi can even explain you need to tie a rope around it and secure it first. The group is now stranded out to sea, prompting Mateo to signal for help.

Suddenly, a ship comes out of the fog. It's Captain offers to help them repair their boat and invites them aboard. the Captain introduces himself as Captain Chiloya and his first mate and Bijoux and shows them around while explaining their celebrating the anniversery of their ship's first launch. The group is impressed by all the magical games and start playing. While they play, Gabe and Mateo resume fighting over who's Elena's best friend by trying to outdo each other, to Elena and Naomi's confusion. When the group notices that Chiloya keeps reappearing without the new rudder, Naomi goes after him while the others keep playing. When she catches up with him, Naomi finds Chiloya and his crew having a dancing party that Chiloya forces her to be part of by casting a dancing spell on her that makes it so she can't stop dancing. Meanwhile, the others have had enough games and go looking for Naomi. During the search, Elena discovers that Captain Chiloya and his crew are really four hundred years old. Gabe and Mateo discover Naomi at the dancing party. When they learn about the dancing spell, Mateo tries to undo it with a spell, to no avail. Elena comes in and tells the others what she's found out, which Chiloya confirms. After undoing the spell, Chiloya reveals that he wants the group to be part of his crew forever.

The group decides they need to escape. Naomi knowledge of ships enables her to give them a plan. Gabe and Mateo fight over who gets to go with Elena to get the rudder until Elena breaks them up and tells them she and Naomi will distract the crew while Gabe and Mateo get the rudder. Elena and Naomi keep the crew distracted while Gabe and Mateo get the rudder. The group regroups and sneak away. However, Gabe and Mateo start to fight again and they drop the rudder on the boat. Captain Chiloya appears and tells them that they're trapped. Naomi is so upset that she blurts out to Elena that Gabe and Mateo were fighting over who her best friend is. After Elena gets the pair to reconcile, the group works together to bring the boat back so they can escape. They get off the boat just as it's about to vanish. They then resume their sailing trip.


Aimee Carrero as Princess Elena


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