Princess Caterina of Cariza is a minor character that appears in the episode "Olaball" in Elena of Avalor. She is the daughter of King Joaquín and Queen Teresa and is around Princess Isabel's age.



Princess Caterina arrives in the Kingdom of Avalor with her family as part of a peace festival organized by Princess Elena between Avalor and Caterina's homeland, the Kingdom of Cariza. She becomes fast friends with Elena's sister, Princess Isabel, and together they tour the city.

While in town, the two girls come across the Voladores performers, who do acrobatic tricks by dropping from a spinning plank. Isabel confides in Caterina how she's always wanted to see how the Voladores spinning tower works before they are called to dinner by Caterina's father. The next day, while Elena and King Joaquin are competing in the Olaball match between the two kingdoms, a bored Caterina sneaks away with an equally bored Isabel to the Voladores tower. They ride to the top where they get stuck and start screaming for help, which alerts Gabe to thier prediciment, where he rescues them. 


Princess Caterina is a precocious girl whose very adventurous, which occasionally gets her into trouble. She is smart and knowledgeable, much like Elena. She also loves being called "Cat" and admits to not being very interested sports.


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