I am Princess Elena, the rightful heir to the throne of Avalor
~ Elena to the citizens of Avalor

Princess Elena Castillo Florès is the protagonist of the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor. She is the oldest princess of the Kingdom of Avalor, next in line to the throne. But before she can become Queen, she must learn to rule as crown princess.

Film Appearances

Elena and the Secret of Avalor

Elena is introduced in this special as a princess who is trapped inside the Amulet of Avalor. Long ago, her parents and kingdom were taken from her by the evil sorceress, Shuriki. Elena bravely faced the sorceress to protect her little sister, Princess Isabel, and grandparents while Alacazar cast a spell to protect them from Shuriki, but in the process, the Amulet of Avalor pulled her inside its enchanted jewel, saving her life, but imprisoning her at the same time. Alacazar then took the amulet and fled Avalor to find the princess who could free Elena and help her overthrow Shuriki. Decades later, Sofia discovers the truth about the amulet from Alacazar in the Secret Library in Enchancia, and sets out to restore Elena to her human form and help her return to the Kingdom of Avalor and reclaim it from Shuriki. Sofia succeeds in freeing Elena from the Amulet of Avalor, and aided by Sofia's family, the Royal Family of Enchancia, her little sister, her grandparents, Alacazar's grandson Mateo, the citizens of Avalor City, and the Jaquins, Elena destroys Shuriki's wand and reclaims her kingdom from the sorceress, becoming Crown Princess as the elder daughter and heir to the throne while Isabel regains her position as Princess and heir after Elena.

Elena of Avalor

Elena's story after her appearance in Sofia the First takes place in this show as a prequel.

Elena, a 16-year-old princess, becomes heir to the kingdom of Avalor. But due to her age, she has to rule Avalor as Crown Princess with a Grand Council comprised of her Grandfather Francisco, Grandmother Luisa, royal adviser and cousin, Chancellor Esteban, and her best friend, Naomi Turner, until she comes of age to become Queen and succeed her late parents.

With some magical friends by her side – Mateo, a wizard-in-training and Alakazar's grandson, and Skylar, a magical flying creature known as a Jaquin – Princess Elena's adventures will lead her to understand that her new role requires thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion.


Elena appers in all episodes these are all the episodes. She made an apperance excluding Elena and the Secret of Avalor.

In First Day of Rule, she attempts to prove that she's ready to be Queen. However, she realised she still has a lot more to learn after trying to help several creatures known as the Noblins get home when it is discovered that they have been taking ships from Avalor Harbor to try and get home after being freed from servitude when Elena defeated Shuriki.

In Model Sister, Elena has to go to either King Toshi's visit or to help Princess Isabel demonstrate her invention for the fair. She attends both however at the end. She helped Isabel instead, making King Toshi impressed by her actions.

In Island of Youth, Elena distracts Esteban by taking him sailing along with Mateo. Elena takes care of him while he is getting younger from drinking too much of the Fountain's water until they can find the antidote to return him to his original age.

In Spellbound, due to everyone being under the spell of Fiero, Elena helps Mateo get the Codex Maru to change everyone back to normal. After Mateo retrieves the antidote to Fiero's petrification spell, Elena uses it to return Gabe and Naomi to normal, arriving just after Mateo defeats Fiero after turning his own spell back on him, petrifying him permanently, and then joins Mateo as he and Gabe restore everyone in the throne room to normal just in time before Mateo amazes them with his magic.

In Finders Leapers, Elena helps the three dwende brothers return to their world.

In A Day to Remember, Elena prevents Carmen and Julio from selling their grandmother's restaurant to a guy who's going to convert it into a bank. Afterwards, she is able to convince her younger sister to come to the cemetery and celebrate the Day of the Dead with their grandparents, where Elena sees the ghosts of their parents, King Raul and Queen Lucia, proudly watching over them from the afterlife.

In Navidad, Elena merges the parties into one big celebration. However, it ended up a mess thanks to Dona Paloma's greed. Elena sings to remind everyone that Christmas is about family, saving the celebration.

In The Scepter of Light, Elena defeats Orizaba, the Moth Fairy, and destroys the Eye of Midnight, which ends Avalor's solar eclipce after the Eye froze it until Orizaba was defeated and sent back to the Spirit Realm. In the process, Elena exhausts herself and sleeps for two whole days before awakening and revealing her new magical powers from her imprisonment in the Amulet of Avalor to her family. Before she passed out, she assured a worried Isabel that she was alright and just needed to rest for a bit.

In Flight of the Jaquins, Elena talks to everyone that Skylar is good enough to be the leader of the Jaquins.

In Royal Retreat, Elena frees two marposas after King Hector wanted them for his aquarium. At the end, she now hosts her own royal retreat.

In Olaball, during a Peace Festival where Avalor is host to the Kingdom of Cariza, Elena is part of the Avalor Olaball team alongside Armando, Naomi, and Gabe, with her grandmother Luisa as their coach, against Cariza King Joaquin and his team. When Gabe reveals how he's terrible at Olaball, Elena inspires him to use his training with the Royal Guard to help improve his skills. However, during the match, Gabe ends up performing poorly when he tries to use his father's moves, allowing Cariza to take an early lead. Thanks to Elena's encouragement, Gabe ignores his father's suggestions and uses his own moves he learned with Elena to turn the match around and earn Avalor victory. Elena then watched as Gabe rescued Isabel and Princess Caterina, and celebrated afterwards as Gabe and his father's bond became stronger than ever now that Gabe's father accepted his role as a member of the Royal Guard.

In My Fair Naomi, Elena suggests throwing a Royal Quinceanera for Naomi, though correcting herself to a Quinceanera Plus One as Naomi was turning sixteen, not fifteen. After Naomi begins to get a better feel for what she needs to do at the party to avoid humiliating Esteban in front of Dona Paloma and the other regents, this causes her to begin to alienate Elena, Mateo, and Gabe in the process, such as having Elena put on a dress that made her very uncomfortable compared to what she already picked out for the party, resulting in them abandoning her as they were fed up with her attitude at that point. However, Naomi realizes her error thanks to Luisa, and asks for their apologies. Elena, Mateo, and Gabe forgive her, and the party goes on wonderfully, saving Esteban's reputation, and Elena revealing that Naomi's parents were her big surprise to present to Naomi on her birthday.

In King of the Carnaval, Elena and her family are preparing for the Carnaval with a parade float they are entering that was Isabel's idea, when they are introduced to Esteban's old friend, Victor Delgado and his daughter Carla. Unknown to Elena, they had been in cahoots with Esteban and Shuriki, but when Shuriki took over Avalor, she had the Delgados banished, and Esteban was too scared to stand up to Shuriki to convince her to change her mind after she murdered King Raul and Queen Lucia. The Delgados had returned to seek revenge on Esteban for not helping them when Shuriki banished them by having Esteban steal the Avalor Crown Jewels, under threat of revealing his part in Shuriki's takeover to Elena. Though Esteban succeeds, when confronted by Elena, he has no choice but to surrender the Crown Jewels to her for her, Isabel, and their grandparents to wear on the float, with Elena wearing her mother Lucia's tiara. When Victor discovers this, he has Esteban steal the jewels back, but can't get to Lucia's tiara without Elena seeing him take it. When Victor again threatens to tell Elena the truth, Esteban sides with Elena and braces himself for the worst. Victor reveals Esteban's part in Shuriki's takeover to Elena, before he and Carla lock Esteban and Elena inside the float and escape on horseback. Inside the float, Esteban attempts to tell Elena that Victor was telling her the truth, but Elena refuses to believe that Esteban would do anything to hurt their family and Victor was lying to her. Seeing the truth in what Elena was telling him, Esteban goes along with it, and together with Elena, they manage to chase down Victor and Carla, trapping them in the park, where they are soon surrounded by the angry citizens of Avalor, Francisco, Luisa, Isabel, and the Royal Guards. After Elena takes back the Crown Jewels, she orders Victor and Carla exiled from Avalor, never to set foot in its borders again after what they've done. Afterwards, Esteben is crowned King of the Carnaval, and the celebration goes on as planned. However, as they are taken away in the prison carriage, Victor and Carla swear revenge on Elena.

In the special, Realm of the Jaquins, Elena attends a meeting of her Grand Council to deliver her State of the Kingdom address, having been ruling Avalor for one year now, meaning three more before she comes of age to become Queen. Once that is done, she departs on Luna to attend the tests that will induct some of the younger Jaquins, such as Skylar's younger brother Nico, into being Guardians of Avalor under Chief Zephyr, set up by a joint effort from Chief Zephyr, Migs, and Mateo. However, when Nico fails the Search and Rescue Test thanks to interference from a vengeful Victor and Carla Delgado, and thus has to return to Vallaestrella in shame, Elena travels to the Jaquin homeworld of Vallaestrella with Luna to try and convince Skylar and Nico's father, King Verago, to give Nico another chance, despite being followed by Mateo and Migs to convince her to return to Avalor. However, once there, Verago refuses, also citing how humans are prohibited from being in Vallaestrella following the last time a human set foot in the Jaquin homeland and caused problems for them then. It is then that Elena and Verago learn of the escape of the forest spirit, Marimonda. Despite wanting to help, Elena is barred from helping by Verago as he takes Migs to set a trap for Marimonda as she attempts to escape Vallaestrella to take over Avalor. Elena chooses to look for the sun bird spirit Quita Moz, who upon finding his lair, learns of the Scepter of Light's power to create illusions from Quita Moz. Returning to pursue Marimonda, Elena ruins Verago's trap when she believes Migs is in danger, allowing Marimonda to take Migs hostage to open the portal. Regretting her actions, Elena vows to stop Marimonda herself to make amends to Verago, but her attempt to stop Marimonda is ruined at the last second by Victor Delgado and his daughter Carla, revealing themselves to be responsible with Marimonda's release as they wanted revenge on her for stopping them previously with stealing the Avalor Crown Jewels. When Verago arrives at the portal, he pins full blame on Elena for condemning Avalor to be Marimonda's paradise, only to be told off by his eldest son Skylar, impressing him that Skylar is finally being responsible and maturing, making him proud. With Verago and Elena working together, Elena manages to capture Marimonda once more as she was about to set foot in the Avalor Royal Castle, believing she's won, only to discover too late she fell into Elena's trap and is imprisoned in a stone jar to be returned to Quita Moz to ensure she doesn't escape again. Elena then reveals the Delgados' part in what happened to her grandparents, and has the Royal Guards begin looking for them, while she returns the captured Marimonda to Quita Moz, who then warns her of a coming darkness she will need to overcome if she is ever able to become Queen of Avalor. Unknown to Elena, the darkness is her old arch-enemy, Shuriki, already preparing for her revenge against Elena while aided by Victor and Carla, promising to make them malvago wizards to help take down Elena, her family, and the Jaquins to ensure Shuriki's next attempt to usurp the throne is unopposed.

In The Jewel Of Maru, Elena is deeply concerned about the test forewarned by Quita Moz, to the point that she fails to attack illusions of the Delgados that Mateo conjures for her during their training sessions. What's more, it is once again Dia de los Muertos, so Zuzo and the ghosts of the deceased are able to be seen by Elena for the day, making Elena excited to be able to see her late parents again, along with Mateo visiting his grandfather Alacazar's grave as well. When word comes that Victor and Carla have been spotted heading for the abandoned capital of Tepet Muul of the Kingdom of Maru, Elena heads there with Mateo, Skylar, and Luna to investigate. She soon discovers the Jewel of Maru in a room hidden by an illusionary wall, along with its guardian, who is the creator of the Scepter of Light. However, torn between sealing the Jewel away and helping Mateo when he is attacked by the Delgados, Elena goes to help him, only to come back to try and stop the Delgados from escaping with the Jewel, but traps herself instead while they escape. It is then she is visited by the spirits of her late parents, King Raul and Queen Lucia, who ask her what happened, and after Elena explains her concerns about the test and letting the Delgados escape with the Jewel, Raul and Lucia assure her that she only needs to do what she thinks is best for Avalor, not be worried about her test, and never give up like when she was imprisoned in the Amulet of Avalor. Thanks to their encouragement, Elena is able to stop the Delgados, retrieve the Jewel of Maru, and seal it away so it won't fall into the wrong hands ever again. Afterwards, she returns to her parents' grave, promising to see them again at next year's Dia de los Muertos.

In Royal Rivalry, to further help strengthen the hunt to find Victor and Carla, Elena puts up wanted posters and decides to invite the current princess of the neighboring kingdom of Paraiso, Valentina, to negotiate a peace treaty between Paraiso and Avalor so should Victor and Carla decide to escape into Paraiso, they would have no where to run. However, Valentina proves to be very competitive and boastful, which Elena endures for the most part, before one incident finally pushes her over the edge to snap at Valentina and then learn the truth that Valentina only boasted of what her kingdom had as she was jealous of Avalor. With that, Elena and Valentina make amends and sign the treaty, leaving the Delgados and Shuriki having to rethink their plans when they see the increased guard detail at the border. Elena then gives Valentina some Avalor chocolate to take home with her.

In The Curse of El Guapo, Elena learns that the current Captain of the Royal Guard is retiring, and holds a competition to see which of the Royal Guards will succeed him. However, during the tests, Gabe is possessed by the spirit of the aggressive General El Guapo through his cursed sword, and intentionally knocks down Rico during the race and refuses to go back and help him. Sensing something is up, Elena refuses to name Gabe the new Captain as he was behaving totally the opposite of what the Captain should be like, due to the close brotherhood bond the Royal Guards share. It is not until later that she learns from Gabe that he's been possessed by El Guapo and needs her help. Reminding him that it is the soldier who makes the sword, not the sword who makes the soldier, Elena helps Gabe overcome El Guapo and take a potion Mateo brewed to break the curse for good. Gabe then finishes the tests and helps Rico after he fell and broke his leg, and on Rico's encouragement, Elena names Gabe the new Captain of the Royal Guard. He thanks her afterwards for reminding him what being a Royal Guard was truly about.

Later on, in Three Jaquins and a Princess, Elena is going to be judging an upcoming Bake-Off, when as she is comforting Isabel following a mess she made in the kitchen that annoyed Esteban, Migs arrives with his mate, Dulce, who ends up laying three eggs that will hatch into her and Migs' first Jaquin children. As they leave to find some Anoki Berries, Isabel offers to watch the baby Jaquins for Migs and Dulce, and Elena allows it, but advises Isabel to get her if she needs help. However, Isabel soon discovers that watching after baby Jaquins is harder than it looks, due to the babies being very cranky without the Anoki Berries to calm them down, and being forced to lie to Elena when she finds Isabel in the kitchen, not realizing that Isabel caught one of the baby Jaquins in there before Elena came in. When the baby Jaquins ruin the Bake-Off, Elena is deeply upset with her little sister for not coming to get her when she needed help, but after Isabel apologizes, Elena works with her, Mateo, Skylar and Luna to round up the baby Jaquins and finally get them fed by the time Migs and Dulce return. Elena complements Isabel and reminds her that while she may still be a kid, her smart thinking helped solve the problem, before allowing Isabel to play with Migs and Dulce's new children Mingo, Zoom, and Estrella.

In A Spy in the Palace, Elena is preparing for the Jaquin Festival to celebrate the Jaquins and their duties as Guardians of Avalor, with Naomi being assigned as the leader of the preparations. Unknown to Elena, Shuriki has concocted another plan, and sent Carla in disguise as a distant cousin of Armando named "Rita Perez" to stir up trouble so she can infiltrate the Royal Treasury and steal Queen Lucia's Carnaval Tiara so Shuriki can use the jewel in it to craft a new wand for herself. Carla manages to cause enough trouble with Naomi's preparations to cause her to snap at Elena in anger and resign, allowing Carla to take over, but when Carla is able to get into the Treasury under the surmise she's retrieving the Golden Jaquin statue that Elena forgot to get, she's unable to retrieve the tiara when Naomi, after making amends with Elena, comes to apologize to her. Elena was never angry at Naomi to begin with when Naomi snapped in anger and frustration as Naomi was Elena's best friend and no one can replace her. After Naomi and Carla retrieve the Golden Jaquin statue from the Treasury, the festival gets underway, with Migs, Luna, and Skylar performing some aerial stunts while King Verago, Chief Zephyr, and many Jaquins are in attendance with Avalor citizens. Carla tells Elena that the three of them, including Naomi, make a pretty good team, and Elena agrees, unaware that she's standing next to one of her arch-enemies and Avalor's most wanted criminals in disguise.

Disney Parks

Elena made her debut at Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom on August 11, 2016.

Princess Elena of Avalor singing "My Time" live at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Princess Elena of Avalor singing "My Time" live at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Magical abilities

This is her abilities. She can use magic from the Amulet of Avalor due to having been trapped in it for forty one years.

Scepter of Light

Elena has an ability to control the Scepter of light by her magic. By saying a single thought in a single word. For example if Elena says glow the Scepter will glow brighter.

Villan battles

Elena has an ability to win battles. For villains who can only live in the dark. By the Scepter of Light she can defeat villains in the dark.

Spirit seeing

Elena can see spirits. Even though they are animals like Zuzo. She can even communicate to them.


  • Elena is Disney's first Latina princess.
  • In "First Day of Rule", it is revealed that Elena had been trapped inside the Amulet of Avalor for forty-one years.
    • It has been assumed by Zuzo that during her long imprisonment Elena had absorbed some of the amulet's magic, making her magical and able to see Zuzo without the assistance of a wizard.
  • Elena's middle name is similar to Lorietta and Miles last name from Miles from Tomorrowland.
  • The flower that Elena wears in her hair is an Apricot Mallow, which grows in Sonora and Baja California in Northwest Mexico.
  • In the Sofia the First special "The Curse of Princess Ivy", the Amulet of Avalor was almost melted by Everburn the Elder Dragon. If Princess Ivy actually had gotten Everburn to destroy the Amulet, Elena would have been killed.
  • Elena and Mateo has the same age
  • Elena is the only disney princess who can play an instrument. Aside from singing.
  • Elena had three wardrobe changes in the series. The 1st was in Island of Youth. The 2nd was in Navidad and the third was in A Day to Remember.
  • Elena now hosts her own Royal retreat. Ever since King Hector sinks. Her members are King Lars, King Raja, and King Joaquín. She started hosted her own royal retreat ever since Royal Retreat.


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