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Rafa is a character who appears in the animated series, Elena of Avalor. She is Mateo's mother.


In Spellbound she was part of the people who got cursed. By Fiero by turning her and the others into statues. She and the others were free after. Her son Mateo defeated Fiero and Undo the spell.

In Navidad She was one of the people to invite Elena to their Noche Buena party. Elena decided to attend all. By having the party at Castillo park. She was also one of those who thought it was a competition because of Don who lied. So that she could get more money. After this Elena sang a paranda. She apologized and celebrated with Avalor Noche buena.

Elena and the secret of Avalor

She played a major and minor role. Her first one was too great the Sofia. Sofia asks a lot of things about magic. Like if this is Alacazar's house. When Rafa disagrees to let Sofia in. Mateo let's her in instead to the attic keeping Alacazar's old magical stuff. After Elena tries to defeat Shuriki. They took a break in the house.Rafa gave Mateo the spell to free Isabel,Luisa and Fransisco. Due to the fact that she knows her son practices magic. Even though Mateo dosen't know about it.


The image gallery for Rafa may be viewed here.

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