Roberto Núñez is a character who appears in the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor. He is Gabe's father and a baker who runs the bakery Núñez and Son.


Roberto is a very enthusiastic man who believes in pouring your heart and soul into something you love. For this he loves baking to the point where he opened his own bakery Nunez and Son. Like most Avalorans, he also loves Olaball to the point where he follows the sport. He loves Olaball to the point where he used to be a professional Olaball player. As his son Gabe tells Elena, there are only two things Roberto loves apart from his wife Blanca: Baking and Olaball. Because of this he regards his son as a disappointment due to his not choosing either one as his career. However, he also accepts Gabe's need to be his own man. 


He first appears in "Olaball" in his bakery baking empanadas for the Peace Festival between Avalor and the Kingdom of Cariza when Gabe comes in. Gabe apologizes to him for being late due to dropping Elena off at Olaball pracice. After asking Gabe how the team looked, he is disappointed when Gabe admits he doesn't follow Olaball and corrects Gabe's Olaball terms with exasperation. After Gabe finishes with the filling for the empanadas, Roberto tastes them and finds it requires a do-over due to it not being good enough. His exasperated son tells him he's trying to help and asks "What more do you want from me?" Roberto tells him he wants him to help him run the bakery but Gabe reminds him he's a Royal Guard and leaves. Later, Roberto is overjoyed when Gabe reveals he's joined the Royal Olaball team and teaches him his many moves. At the games, Roberto tells Gabe to use the moves he taught him. He is disappointed when Gabe plays terribly at first. However, when Gabe turns things around and scores the winning point for Avalor, he is proud of his son for the first time and decides to help him become a professional Olaball player. However, Gabe tells him he's staying with the Royal Guard since he loves his job. Roberto accepts his decision when he saves Isabel and Caterina.

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