This article is about the object. You may be looking for the episode, "The Scepter of Light."

The Scepter of Light is a magical scepter wielded by Princess Elena. It possesses powerful magic.

The Scepter of Light is an ancient Maruvian treasure created eons ago by a Maru civilization, similar to the Amulet of Avalor.


The Scepter is so named because it grants its bearer the ability to harness the Powers of Light. It can show its user what is behind a wall or door. Also, it weakens the user's body a bit while the user uses its magical powers. This weakening is common in magic. The scepter is also capable of firing powerful beams of light which is activated whenever Elena says "blazes" while holding it.

The Light Powers the Scepter unleashes are strong enough to send those who embrace the Powers of Darkness (such as Orizaba) to the Spirit World. These powers can be unleashed by a single thought put into a single word. The drawback is that the more the bearer uses its powers, the more drained the bearer will become.

Some more of the scepter's abilities are revealed in "Spirit Monkey Business" and can reveal things behind walls or doors.

In Realm of the Jaquins, Elena gains the ability from Quita Moz to create illusions. She uses this to defeat Marimonda.