Señorita Marisol is a schoolteacher who appears in the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor.


Señorita Marisol makes her debut in "Crystal in the Rough". She first appears when Princess Isabel arrives in her classroom. She introduces Isabel to the class and has her sit next to Quique and Amara before announcing to the class that they are going to the Crystal Caverns the next day. They then move on to Chemistry where the students learn how to make Avaloran Rubber and Señorita Marisol is impressed when Isabel is the first to make hers. However, the next day, Senorita Marisol is confused when Isabel starts acting like Quique. When Princess Elena shows up, Señorita Marisol tells her about the feild trip and Elena insists on going with the class. At the Crystal Caverns, Señorita Marisol gives the class a tour. When Elena reveals that Isabel, Amara, and Quique wandered off, she punishes the trio by sending them back to school to clean the schoolyard.

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