"Something I Would Never Do" is a song from the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor. It is sung by Chancellor Esteban.


For oh so may years
I have been haunted
By one mistake I made while just a youth
Since then the only thing
I ever wanted
Was that my family never learned the truth
I used to think
I did not need to worry
They all believed my tale
Through and through
But now my heart aches
And I have to hurry
Don't know what would happen if they knew
It's true
Now I cannot let this bring me down
Must use the jewels and take the Crown
Not so thrilled
Yet I still know what I must do
I must protect my family's heart
I cannot break their world apart
Hurting them is something I would never do
Something I would never do
Years ago I did not know
Just how much they care for me
But now I feel their love is real
And I can't bear to lose my family
I won't reveal my little lie
I have to steal and then deny
Not so thrilled
Yet still I know what I must do
I must protect my troubled heart
I cannot break my world apart
Losing them is something I could never
So I must do something I could never
Yes I will do something I would never do
Something I would never do

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