"Wizard-in-Training" is the twentieth episode in Season 1 of Elena of Avalor. It is scheduled to premiere on July 21, 2017.


Princess Elena is throwing a party for all of the people in Avalor. Everyone came for something in the royal palace, Francisco's guitar playing, Luisa's recipes, Princess Isabel's inventions, Elena's help for all of the city but Mateo has no one. Mateo tells Elena that he is leaving because no one wants to talk to the royal wizard of Avalor, Someone said to Elena that they have a spirit in their attic and they need to get rid of it. Afterthat, a little girl named Olivia tells Mateo that she is his biggest fan ever. Mateo then offers Olivia to go see his secret workshop, which is the one seen in Spellbound behind the painting of the 3 mysteries. When Olivia and Mateo leave, Olivia's father said to Elena that their neighborhood well has nearly run out of water. Then back with Mateo and Olivia, Olivia looks and is interested at the drum wands and tells Mateo that she wants to be a great wizard just like him. Mateo gives Olivia advice saying that the key is to practice everyday and then Olivia wanted to hold the royal tamborita before she leaves. When she picks it up Mateo tells her that he had the same reaction and then they sing Cast a Spell With Me.



The image gallery for Wizard-in-Training may be viewed here.

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